Forum Thread: What keeps you playing?

Ninja-Saga is one of those games that you can play for hours, simply because there are always more levels to achieve and more creatures to fight.  It reminds me a lot of an MMORPG, such as World of Warcraft, but without the MMO prefix.  RPGs in general tend to keep me addicted because I love achieving new levels, and I'm inspired to reach the highest possible level in the game.

What keeps you playing Ninja-Saga?  Is it the leveling concept, or perhaps the fun gameplay mechanics? Or, to see the other side of the spectrum, what keeps you FROM playing Ninja-Saga? (though if you are here, I doubt that's the case)

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I play NS cause I love turn-based RPG games and I personally think it's one of the best games in facebook since the other fb RPG games are just text-based .

hi! to ninja saga administrator.please do make an action to players whom doing such extraordinary damage during my friend's pvp battle.

hey can you help me my ninja saga when i play its reconnect

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